Submission Guidelines


Submitting is an easy two part process…                     

  1. 1. Email us your Manuscript Submission Form together with your

  2. 2. article’s contents dropped into our Template File to the email

  3. address listed on the submission form.


  1.    Required Items: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction & References

  2.    Worthy contributions in the general arena are welcome from researchers and practitioners at all stages in their careers at anytime. No fees are charged.

  3.    The manuscript has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.

  4.    Manuscripts should generally not exceed 7,000 words including the abstract and references. Tables, charts, and illustrative material are accepted only when necessary for support.

  5.    Manuscripts need to use our Template File for submission. Details are described on the first page with sample article formatted text followed by and a detailed Chicago styled reference list guide. Documents not using the template will be returned for reformatting.

  6.    Manuscripts should have all images, charts, and tables numbered consecutively with all using the same label “Figure.” References need to conform to The Chicago Manual of Style as detailed in our template. See Bibme: How to Cite - Chicago. We recommend the use of a free online formatter Bibme for standardizing your references. Be sure to select the Chicago format. A short PDF guide for references.

  7.    Each author should send with their manuscript an abstract of 150 words or less together with a submission form providing their biographical data along with a maximum of six keywords.

  8.    Manuscripts with footnotes need them converted to endnotes prior to submission. They are retained as a non-standardized reader’s resource. Inline references are similarly retained, though neither footnotes nor inline references are required.  

  9.    All manuscripts submitted for consideration need to be accompanied by a completed Manuscript Submission Form.

  10.    Authors authorize the JUCR to publish their materials both in print and online while retaining their full individual copyright. The copyright of JUCR volumes is retained by Chulalongkorn University.

  11.    Authors should strive for maximum clarity of expression. This point cannot be overstated. Additionally, authors need to bear in mind that the purpose of publication is the disclosure and discussion of artistic knowledge and innovations that expands the realm of human creativity and experience.


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